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Current Version: 1.12.32

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DLE is latest level editor for Descent 1 and 2. It is based on the official Descent 1 and 2 level editor DMB2 v2.7 by Bryan Aamot and offers a slew of bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Tidy and fast MFC based interface with many comfortable enhancements:
    • Four different UI layouts (vertical, vertical (space saving), horizontal, floating dialogs)
    • Improved element selection UI
    • Quick picking of textured faces
    • Quick tag all connected sides in a plane or with the same texture
  • Increased segment (20.000), wall (2047), trigger (255) and object (2000) counts
  • Improved lighting:
    • Better algorithms offering more realism, more lights, and better light animation
    • Colored lighting
    • Change the light emission of any texture (fully compatible to all Descent 1 and 2 versions)
    • Variable light render depth
  • High resolution 32 bit textures (TGA)
  • Powerful texture alignment functions
  • Automatic texture alignment correction
  • Effect objects (particles, lightning, sound, way points)
  • New segment types (water, lava, repair center, team, blocked)
  • Sky boxes
  • Segment splitting functions
  • Triangular segment sides
  • New trigger types (object triggers, master triggers, timed triggers, in-level teleports, speed boosts, cameras)
  • Mod support:
    • Per mission and per level custom textures
    • Per mission and per level custom models (ASE, OOF)
  • Fast OpenGL based renderer displaying:
    • 3D models
    • Powerup sprites
    • Effect icons
    • Transparency
    • Colored lighting
    • Real-time light animation
    • High resolution textures
    • 1st and 3rd person views
  • Powerful diagnosis and repair function allowing to select and display dysfunctional level elements
  • Improved tunnel generator allowing to create corridors with multiple base sides