Cheat Codes

Descent 2
ALMIGHTYToggle invulnerability.
BLUEORBShield boost (v1.1).
BITTERSWEETPsychedelic walls.
DELSHIFTBWarps you to the exit and blows the reactor.
DUDDABOOBouncing Weapons.
FRAMETIMEDisplays frames per second.
GODZILLAMakes it easier to destroy robots by running into them.
GOWINGNUTGuide Bot attacks the robots.
HELPVISHNUSpawns additional Guide Bots.
HONESTBOBWowie Zowie Weapons.
IMAGESPACERobots stop shooting (v1.1).
LPNLIZARDHoming Weapons (every weapon will home).
PIGFARMERUse it once and it displays "Hi John!!!". Now reduce the size of your screen. Use it twice and it displays "Bye John".
SILKWINGRobots kill each other (v1.1).
SPANIARDKills all of the robots in the mine. Use it twice and it will toast the Guide-Bot.
WILDFIRERapid fire (v1.2).
CRYPTONITEUnlocks all doors. If typed again, removes all walls.
DODGETHISKill all boss robots.
ELECTROEnergy boost.
HESTHEONEUnlimited slow motion and speed.
ITSAROCKToggle cloak.
JINGLEBELLSMark a path to the exit with energy powerups.
JUDGEDREDDKill all thieves in the level.
LEMONTREEGive afterburner and unlimited afterburner charge.
MINEMINEGive all inventory items, all weapons, 200 shields and energy each, cloak player and make player invulnerable.
MINOTAURMark a path from the current player position to another segment of the level.
PITAPITAKill all Guidebots in the mine.
PUMPMEUP200 Shield and 200 Energy.
SCOTTMEUPTriple Fusion.
SUBSPACETeleport to another segment of the level.
Descent 1
AHIMSARobots don't fire.
ASTRALGhosty Mode: fly through doors (walls stay impenetrable).
BIGREDSuper wowie zowie weapons.
BRUINExtra life.
BUGGINTurbo Mode: everything (even enemies) speeds up.
FARMERJOEWarp to another level.
FLASHMark a path to the exit with energy powerups.
GABBAGABBAHEYEnable/disable cheat codes.
GUILECloaking on/off.
LUNACYRobots move fast and rarely fire.
MITZIAll keys.
POBOYSBlow up reactor, kill all robots, place player in front of exit.
PORGYSMega Weapons.
RACERXInvulnerability on/off.
SCOURGEWowie Zowie weapons.
TWILIGHTSets shields to 100 (regardless of current value).