DLE - Texture Tool
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The texture tool contains all controls to set and align textures and attach variable lights to a segment's side.

Texture tool controls

  1. Select whether only the 1st, only the 2nd or both textures on segment sides should be affected by texture operations like paste and align.
  2. See the names of the textures in the paste buffer here.
  3. Replace the current textures by the ones in the paste buffer (if cubes marked, replace in all marked cubes, if none marked, replace in entire mine).
  4. Reset current side's texture (remove all distortions).
  5. Reset marked side's textures.
  6. Stretch texture to fit to side.
  7. Align adjacent sides with the same texture to current side, and continue with their adjacent sides, etc.
  8. Flip texture horizontally or vertically
  9. Stretch texture horizontally or vertically
  10. Assign a light color to a texture casting light (only for D2X-XL levels)
  11. Assign a brightness value to the textures of the current side

Texture Types and Filtering

DLE sorts all textures by their type and appearance. You can hide or show textures from certain categories using the texture filter dialog.

Texture Brightness

DLE allows you to assign a brightness to every texture. Custom brightness values will be stored in a .lgt file in the level's hog file and be used by DLE's lighting routines.

Light Colors

In levels of type D2X-XL, a color can be assigned to each light source in the level. DLE's lighting routines will compute the proper colored lighting. Please regard that two differently colored light sources placed in each others close vicinity will interfere with each other and probably create some undesirable color between them. To avoid this, mark the cubes around each light source and call the light tool once for each marked area.


When setting a door's texture with the texture tool, DLE will automatically assign the corresponding clip (i.e. animation) to the door wall - provided the texture set is a door texture.