DLE - Object Tool
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The object tool allows to add and delete objects, and to see and change object properties. It comprises both the basic object manager and the robot properties editor. Apart from the layout, it doesn't differ from DMB2's object tool.


To add a camera object to a level (only possible in D2X-XL levels), insert an object in the level and change it's type to 'Camera' in the drop down box labelled 'Type'. If you already have a camera in your level you can also select that camera and add a new object afterwards; DLE will then add a new camera to the level. In D2X-XL, the camera will point to where the arrow symbolizing the object in DLE points, so rotate and move it to where it's supposed to stay.

To make a camera actually work, you will need a camera trigger to it and give that trigger a target segment and side. To add a camera trigger to the camera, open the trigger tool, choose 'object trigger', add a trigger and change that trigger's type to 'Camera'. Then add target segment and side to the trigger; that's where the camera view will be projected to (the 'monitor').

To create a camera that will slowly tilt around its vertical axis (up to 45 deg left and right from its initial position), set the behaviour (AI) to 'NORMAL'. For a fixed camera, use 'STILL'.


Smoke objects serve as sources for smoke clouds. The smoke starts to emanate from the smoke object and moves in the direction the smoke object faces. You can control smoke appearance with smoke object triggers.


Sound objects permanently emit sound. You can specify a sound file name (max. 40 characters w/o extension) and a volume in 10% steps..