DLE - Panes and Toolbars
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The client area of DLE is split into three panes: The texture pane (1) to the left, the render pane (2) in the upper right and the tool pane (3) in the bottom. Above and below are toolbars and the status bar.

The panes can be resized with the splitter bars dividing them, or by using the fullscreen toggle (F11 or the toolbar's fullscreen toggle button - see below).

Toolbar areas

The toolbar has been greatly reworked. The drop down lists have been replaced by state buttons, making it much easier and faster to change edit modes.

  1. Tool shortcuts. Click one of these to display the corresponding tool in the tool pane. In fullscreen mode, these will conveniently revert to split screen mode.
  2. Join/unjoin points, lines, sides with these buttons.
  3. Select the insert mode (normal, extend, mirror) with these buttons.
  4. Choose the selection mode (point, line, side, segment, object, block) with these buttons.
  5. Use these buttons for geometry editing.